University Tutoring has been the go-to location for tutoring in Laurelhurst and Northeast Seattle for almost 40 years, and we look forward to many more years of serving our community. Founded in Ravenna in 1979 by a school teacher with a vision for high-quality and meaningful one-to-one tutoring relationships, University Tutoring moved near U Village in 1985. From 2000-2013, Diane Carney was owner of University Tutoring, moving the company to its current location at 5-corners in 2007. Under her stewardship we expanded our hours and services while still maintaining a close knit relationship with families.

Chris Schaber, current owner of University Tutoring, joined the staff as a tutor in 2004. Nine years later, Chris took over ownership of University Tutoring. He is continuing the vision of providing quality services at University Tutoring. We provide an individualized approach and have parents intimately involved in their child’s programs.

We are proud of our great reputation in the schools and community. University Tutoring obtains the majority of our new students through referrals from school counselors, educational advisers and our past and present students and parents. We appreciate the good word of our services continuing to spread through the community and schools.