University Tutoring provides students with individualized tutoring programs catered to each student’s specific situation, learning style, and unique needs and goals. Our philosophy is that all students are capable learners and we choose the right tutor and design our approach to stimulate each student’s learning. We sometimes arrange tutoring in small groups, but we favor a one-to-one ratio that allows us to focus on the unique learning process of one individual. All programs begin with an intake interview in which we set up a unique program based on each student’s specific academic goals.

Our tutors take confidential notes after each tutoring session, and share those notes with families through the Naviance system. Our administrators consult these notes frequently to ensure that each student’s needs are being met, and we encourage parents to follow their students’ progress through this tool as well.

We carefully select our staff from a large pool of applicants, based on expertise in subject matter and experience teaching students of different ages and varying learning styles. Our tutors have been chosen for their minds as well as for their intuition, patience, adaptability, and attention to detail. Our tutors have demonstrated success in their role as tutor and mentor. Students benefit greatly, both academically and personally, from the special attention our tutors provide. Tutoring is our passion, and we hope you will find the experience as rewarding as we do.