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Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, Phil might not have brought the sunshine when he moved to Seattle, but he did bring a good sense of humor and a great deal of experience in academia. As a well-informed resource for parents, students and our tutors, Phil really understands tutoring and education. In California, Phil did his student teaching and, later, professional math teaching at Marine View Middle School. While there, he ran the 6th grade homework club and even made time to join the school’s jazz band. Prior to that, he worked as a one-to-one tutor and manager at The Tutoring Club. There, Phil worked with a wide range of students from elementary to adult, earning the title of ‘Tutor of the Year’ in 2007. He has also trained staff and volunteers in a previous job with the League of Conservation Voters. Balancing interest in the sciences and humanities, Phil received his BA in Philosophy from UCLA and his math credentials from National University. When he is not busy looking after our students taking standardized tests, Phil enjoys playing with his kids, playing the trumpet, camping, hiking, working on brainteasers, and telling his pirate joke.

Phil is also a tutor at University Tutoring!

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Chris’s career as a professional educator began with a stint as an undergraduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Washington. Since then, he has taught at every level, including full-time as Educational Consultant at University Tutoring since 2004. With degrees in history, astronomy, physics, and mechanical engineering, Chris is well-positioned to assist students and tutors alike in their academic growth. Chris is a devotee of Richard Feynman, and a particular fan of Feynman’s success at both science and teaching. Chris has been published in The Astronomical Journal, The Electricity Journal, The Handbook of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and even in Public Utilities Fortnightly, and is a member of the Electricity Storage Association. He has also written for physics textbooks, worked at an astronomical observatory, and assisted on a MacArthur Grant project on clean energy. His band, Nefarious Jones, promises to be Seattle’s Next Big Thing.

Chris is also a tutor at University Tutoring!

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Standardized Test Preparation, 6-Adult


Joanne knows how to get things done. Following her love of travel and a desire to help others, she owned two travel agencies for eighteen years.

Joanne has a clear gift for organization and her office prowess is greatly appreciated by everyone on the staff at University Tutoring. If you’ve been to any events at the Westin Seattle, you’ve benefited from her work at her ‘other job,’ coordinating the banquet department at this busy downtown hotel. Unflappable, professional, and competent, Joanne has a way of making any office system run more smoothly. Humble and good-humored, Joanne loves to share stories of her travels, spend time with her two children, and enjoys reading and knitting.


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Michael is also a tutor at University Tutoring!


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Kristen is also a tutor at University Tutoring!


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