We arrived on the doorstep of University Tutoring a year ago, worn out. Our then 9 year old daughter was struggling with spelling and phonics. Nothing we had tried was working and she was embarrassed, ashamed and defeated. Her low self-esteem led to bad behavior and a tumultuous family life. Then we met Lucy at University Tutoring. She told our daughter that they were going to start with what was easy for her, going back three grade levels. The have been gradually building on that base learning to help with spelling. Our daughter is so proud, well-behaved and enthusiastic about learning. We are a harmonious household again.

~ Assumption St. Bridget’s School parent


University Tutoring has found the perfect balance in creating a setting where kids can prepare for college tests in an environment that is both supportive and encouraging. The individual attention allowed our daughter to focus on the areas where she needed assistance so there was no feeling of wasted time. University Tutoring does a great job of building confidence in each student by helping them to understand how the tests flow and providing time management techniques to leave more time for the difficult problems. Above all, by adding a personal touch University Tutoring makes the college testing process more manageable. Thanks University Tutoring!

~University Prep/Washington University in St. Louis parents


We are so grateful to have had University Tutoring available for tutoring help! Our daughter began coming to University Tutoring half-way through her sophomore year of high school. She had fallen far behind in several of her classes, and wanted to turn things around. However, she felt hopeless about knowing how to make the right changes in her study habits and really lacked confidence in her abilities.  The tutors at University Tutoring greeted our daughter with sincere interest in her goals, fears, needs and capabilities.  With Sonya, she immediately felt very safe and supported, while feeling encouraged that she could learn, could change, could become independent and successful.  What a difference we see now: she still looks forward to coming to University Tutoring for the moral support, structure and perspective she receives from Sonya, but she takes pride in being able to do the work more independently and with the confidence that she has a voice, ideas, and analytical skills she can feel proud of!  She has significantly raised her grades, and enjoys reading, writing, and learning more than ever before.  We cannot express enough how grateful we are to University Tutoring and their fine tutors and staff who have supported our daughter as a person and learner, and helped her to find her own path to success.  Thank you so very much!

~ Verna Kilic, Capitol Hill parent


I came to University Tutoring originally for math tutoring. My mom and I loved the vibe of the environment and the friendliness of the tutors. I’ve been coming here for about 6 years and since then I have been tutored in algebra, chemistry, calculus, study skills, reading, and more! Every time I come to University Tutoring I am able to learn a new skill or the solution to a problem I’ve been having. The tutors take the time to know you as a person and as an academic student. University Tutoring is the best!

~ Roosevelt High School student


University Tutoring was fabulous. Our son’s original ACT scores were a major disappointment for him. After about 6 sessions with Chris his composite score increased by 6 points. While this certainly broadened his list of schools, more importantly it gave him a renewed sense of self confidence.

~ University Prep parent


Charlie is a great kid, but still a teenager and getting him to organize his time and ideas for writing his college essays was very challenging. Thank you, University Tutoring, for taking on my “challenge” and assuming wonderful direction of Charlie’s Essay. He trusted you and that made it easier for him to “get it down on paper.” We are happy to say that he chose Boston College for this fall. Thank you for all your help and warm support!

~ Marybeth Spencer-Davis, Seattle Prep parent


Both my daughter and my son relied on University Tutoring for their SAT/ACT prep classes. Diane did a great job in understanding who my kids are and which tutor would be the best personality fit to work with them. My daughter really appreciated Sonya’s enthusiasm, humor and clarity in her explanations. Diane runs an efficient, smart and fair business. My son was able to raise his test scores to a significant degree with the strategy coaching and support of University Tutoring. We had a very good experience at University Tutoring and would recommend this service to others who are looking for a good experience preparing for standardized testing or effective help with becoming more academically competitive.

~ Nathan Hale parent


We would like to commend University Tutoring for the excellent, professional and individual oriented tutoring service they have provided to our son.  When our son was in 6th grade we realized that he did not have the basic arithmetic skills that he needed in order to keep up in class and progress in learning new skills.  Any help we tried to give him at home was met with resistance.  When we told our son that we wanted to provide a math tutor for him he was very reluctant because he was embarrassed that he could barely add, subtract, multiply and divide.  We were looking for a tutor who would be able to provide an individualized program and chose University Tutoring on the recommendation of a friend.  Our son started working with a University Tutoring tutor and from the first session we knew this was the right situation for him.  His tutor has helped our son to learn basic arithmetic and algebra skills which have enabled him to work at his grade level.  Competence in math has provided a huge boost in his confidence as a student.  An additional wonderful benefit of his time at University Tutoring has been that, through example, his tutor has shown him that it is cool to be smart and engaged in learning. Thank you for providing the winning combination of excellent tutoring services delivered with kindness and respect.

~ Nancy Lockett, McClure/Brightwater/Roosevelt parent


Being an “older” student with a non-science background, chemistry was one of the most difficult subjects I have ever encountered. I have a master’s degree, and yet I found myself falling behind and failing a basic science class! I never dreamed that just a few sessions of tutoring would be so beneficial. The tutors’ grasp of science, and their ability to see how I best absorbed the material was amazing. The tutors restored my faith in my abilities and I’m so proud of my 3.2!

~ Nursing Student, Shoreline Community College


University Tutoring not only assisted my daughter with her studies but also with her perception of herself. When my daughter transitioned to middle school, University Tutoring assisted her with organizational skills allowing her to assume responsibility as an independent student. When it came time to select a company to assist with ACT/SAT test prep, the choice was easy.

~ Roosevelt High School/University of Arizona parent


It is without hesitation that we recommend University Tutoring to those who are seeking help for their children. The services from University Tutoring made a huge difference for our oldest son, who was diagnosed in middle school with a processing issue. Diane and the staff worked with him to develop learning and study skills in math, science and the humanities that enabled him to succeed. His transition to college has gone smoothly because of the excellent preparation he received from University Tutoring.

~ Bishop Blanchet/Gonzaga University parents


When selecting a tutoring service, the client expects excellence in the subject matter. But that’s just the beginning for the staff at University Tutoring; each tutor takes great care to understand the client’s learning style and preferences. The result is mastery of the subject matter in a way that bolsters the student’s confidence and joy for learning. University Tutoring has my highest stamp of approval, and I recommend them to friends every chance I get.

~ Bishop Blanchet/George Washington University parent