Where is University Tutoring located?
University Tutoring is on the north side of 45th Street, east of University Village and 5 Corners, at 3232 NE 45th Street.

How do I contact University Tutoring?
Please visit our Contact page.

When is University Tutoring open?

School Year Hours (Labor Day – June):


10am – 6pm

Monday – Thursday

1pm – 9pm

Summer Hours (4th of July – Labor Day):

Tuesday – Thursday

10am – 7pm, By Appointment

How long are tutoring sessions?
Sessions normally run 50 minutes, starting at the top of each hour. Longer sessions can be arranged, if needed.

What if the subject or test I need assistance with is not listed?
Please ask! We have a lot of expertise that is not listed on our website.

Where can I park?
Parking on 45th Street in Seattle is 2-hr parking until 6pm Mon-Sat, while parking in front of our office is 1-hr parking until 6pm Mon-Sat.

Which buses stop by University Tutoring in Seattle?
The 65, 75, and 25 stop very near our office.  The 68 stops near University Village (10 min walk.) The 48 and the 70s stop on 45th in the U District (20 min walk.) Click here for bus info.

Will tutors travel to our home?
No. All of our tutoring services are offered on-site in our Seattle office.

How do you find your tutors?
Each of our tutors has their own story of finding University Tutoring or being recruited. We carefully select tutors for their excellence in teaching, prior experience in a 1 on 1 setting, mastery of fields, and ability to build rapport with students of all ages.  Our tutors each have some combination of a formal teaching certification, advanced degrees, and teaching experience.

What are your rates?
Please contact our office for our current rates. Thank you!