Writing in High School: Tips for Clarity and Organization Part 2

An image of someone's hands typing on a laptop with a word document open.

Welcome back to this series about ways to prepare for a stellar high school writing career! If you haven’t read the first entry in this series, be sure to check that out first for more tips like these. Do not neglect creative writing skills While sometimes portrayed as nonfiction’s whimsical cousin, creative writing actually serves several unique purposes for writers. The first and most obvious is that it just tends to be more fun for…

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Writing in High School: Tips for Clarity and Organization Part 1

A top down image of an organized workspace including a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, planner, glasses, pen, phone and charger, journal and electronic drawing tablet.

By the time students arrive in high school, expectations for their writing have risen dramatically. While teachers should review the fundamentals with them, some will simply expect students to know what they’re doing as soon as they walk in the classroom door. This post explains some essential skills for writing that will help students organize their thoughts, write clearly and address their assignments completely. Of course, depending on the school and individual teacher, writing expectations…

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